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With Air Freight, George Platis Ltd offers a high level of security at the highest speed.

With the air transport services we offer, our customers have guaranteed success and transport safety. We are in constant contact with all the airports of Cyprus so that we can handle any kind of transfer in the fastest desired time with maximum security.

We make sure that your package will not be damaged or stolen or disappear and we ensure the safe transport of your package to your place. At the airport, security controls against cargo are managed strictly to reduce cargo exposure to theft and damage.

Our company provides all air transport services, accepts all package sizes for both imports and exports at the most affordable prices.

We provide:

  • Accessible services on international flights on a daily basis.
  • Charter flights services for the fastest service of our customers in any location and at the time you want.
  • Safety in transporting animals provided that your animals will have a pleasant flight and transport to your place.
  • Security in the transport of any package, cargo insurance on all valuables.